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Thanks Julian everyone has been very helpful here.  I do however have some additional questions I need to fine tune the spamassassin/MailScanner to catch more SPAM it does not seem like it is catching very much. everything is installed with defaults any step by step tuning is appreciated. Also I went here for the Mailwatch install for the Qaurantine release info (which made sense to me) but the entries I added brought me back here with the errors described earlier. I have since removed them. 
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On 3/1/09 16:16, Greg J. McGreevy wrote:
> I am getting the following error when I run the test
> Cannot match against destination IP address
Due to the way that email is delivered by a mail server, you don't know
the exact destination IP address until you're actually in the process of
delivering the message. So you can't match against a destination IP
address in a rule. So all rules that say
To: yes
or anything similar are impossible to implement. It's not a restriction
in what MailScanner can do, you really don't know the destination IP
address until the message has been delivered. By which time it's too late.


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