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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USherbrooke.ca
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Julian Field a écrit :
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> On 27/2/09 15:05, Denis Beauchemin wrote:
>> PS: I am trying to configure a server that could (in case of DR) play 
>> both inbound and outbound roles at the same time.  I will be running 
>> different sendmail and MS instances.  I think the current init script 
>> won't play nice with this scheme because it "killproc MailScanner" 
>> without regards about which instance it might belong to. Why don't you 
>> use $MSPID instead?
> Err... because I started by copying someone else's init.d script! I 
> ideally want to send the TERM to the child processes as well, though, so 
> they all get told to start dying.
> Jules


In the RH init script, could you replace all "killproc MailScanner -15" by:
        if [[ -s $MSPID ]]; then
          kill -15 $(ps -ef|grep $(cat /var/run/MailScanner.pid)|awk 
'/MailScanner:/{print $2}')
          killproc MailScanner -15

That way you'll kill all MS children at the same time without killing 
other MS processess started by a different instance of MS.

There are so many things I have to modify in so many different files to 
be able to run many MS instances simultaneously on the same machine that 
I may as well rewrite the init.d script altogether...



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