Releases messages from quarantine rejoin quarantine

Jason Voorhees jvoorhees1 at
Fri Feb 27 16:02:09 GMT 2009

Hi people:

I'm using MailScanner and MailWatch. Everything is OK, spam messages
are going to quarantine. But when I try to release a message from
quarantine (a false positive) the message joins again the quarantine.
Mailwatch shows me that the message now is coming from
postmaster at to original-recipient at

I'm using the QUARANTINE_USE_SENDMAIL (true) setting in conf.php of
Mailwatch configuration, so I think MailScanner see these released
messages coming from their original sender and IP address but doesn't
understand that is coming from localhost (trough sendmail binary).

What exception rule can I create to always allow quarantine released
message to pass? I tried adding a from to
whitelist setting but it doesn't work... because of the sendmail
binary way of releasing.

Could someone give any ideas? Thanks, bye

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