MailScanner 4.75.1-1 beta

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Fri Feb 27 11:01:47 GMT 2009

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 2-26-2009 2:32 AM Julian Field spake the following:
>> 1 Added new configuration option "Unpack Microsoft Documents" to control the
>>    unpacking of OLE document files, as there have been rare cases of the
>>    third-party extraction code hanging when faced with particular files.
> I was just bitten with this one with a word doc that had many embedded images.
> It choked with the "too many attachments" message.

That's nothing; I have a couple of queue files here containing an
innocent XLS file that cause OLE::Storage_Lite to chew up all available
RAM and Swap quite quickly (within ~20 seconds of starting MailScanner
the child was using >1Gb RAM).


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