Feature request: Multiple rules for MailScanner variable.

Jim Barber jim.barber at ddihealth.com
Fri Feb 27 01:18:36 GMT 2009

Hi Jules.

I have a CustomFunction that checks for users that are using SMTP AUTH.
    Spam Checks = &CheckSMTPAuth

The above will skip spam checks for anyone that has authenticated to our 
mail server.

I also have entries in my MailScanner.conf file that refer to rules 
files to turn off certain features for trusted networks.
    Also Find Numeric Phishing = %rules-dir%/phishing.rules

Where the /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner/rules/phishing.rules file will 
contain entries like so:

    # Local host
    From:    no

    # Internal subnets
    From:       10.          no
    From:       192.168.     no

    FromOrTo:   default      yes

Which handles not doing numeric phishing checks on emails sent by 
internal users.

However, what if I want to skip numeric phishing checks for both the 
networks defined in the rules file and anyone that has authenticated to 
the mail server?
As far as I can tell, at the moment I'd need to make a new custom 
function that does both the SMTP AUTH check, and parses the rule file 
(or get a list of networks in any number of other ways).

I was wondering if you could add a feature that is something like the 
Either allow a syntax like:

    Also Find Numeric Phishing = %rules-dir%/phishing.rules OR 

Or being able to specify the same parameter multiple times and have each 
one checked.
    Also Find Numeric Phishing = %rules-dir%/phishing.rules
    Also Find Numeric Phishing = &CheckSMTPAuth

I guess the difficulty would be how to handle the "default" rules when 
you have multiple checks going on.
Maybe just leave it up to the mail administrators to create custom rule 
files that don't have a default on the end, except for in the last one 
to be referenced... Maybe that would be a pain to support on these lists 
though :(

Any thoughts?
Or is the functionality I am looking for already there and I'm just 
missing it?

At the moment I'm using MailScanner 4.74.16


Jim Barber
DDI Health

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