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As with all complex questions, the best answer is "it depends"...

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 7:32 AM, Paulo Roncon
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> I'm tunning a mailscanner+sendmail+clamav+spamassassin server and I'm
> having some questions:
> Do you use extra SA rules? After googling it seems that the extra rules out
> there(SARE, KAM, SOUGHT) are not up-to-date...

True. I usually just use the following from a cron job (feel free to adjust
for your situation)
 sa-update --allowplugins --nogpg --channel -D
(followed by sa-compile)

> Should I use several RBLS? Should I use them in the MTA, in mailscanner ou
> in SA?

I, for one, use *some* at the MTA - but some people don't like to do that
because of false positives. I don't use any at the MailScanner level.

> Dispite all the extras and tunning I'm still getting some SPAM... How can I
> fight it?

Depends on what the SPAM is.

> What SA Score do you use? And High Spam Score?

This is usually very site-specific.

> Do you use MCP?


> Thank You all!
You're welcome!

> Paulo Roncon
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