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Heads up!

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Dear ClamAV users,

ClamAV 0.95rc1 introduces many bugfixes, improvements and additions. To make
the transition easier, we put various tips and upgrade notes on this page:

The following are the key features of this release:

    - New clamav-milter: The program has been redesigned and rewritten from
      scratch. The most notable difference is that the internal mode has been
      dropped which means that now a working clamd companion is required.
      The milter now also has its own configuration file.

    - Clamd extensions: The protocol has been extended to lighten the load
      that clamd puts on the system, solve limitations of the old protocol,
      and reduce latency when signature updates are received. Fore more
      information about the new extensions please see the official
      documentation and the upgrade notes.

    - Improved API: The API used to program ClamAV's engine (libclamav) has
      been redesigned to use modern object-oriented techniques and solves
      various API/ABI compatibility issues between old and new releases.
      You can find more information in Section 6 of clamdoc.pdf and in
      the upgrade notes.

    - ClamdTOP: This is a new program that allows system administrators to
      monitor clamd. It provides information about the items in the clamd's
      queue, clamd's memory usage, and the version of the signature database,
      all in real-time and in nice curses-based interface.

    - Memory Pool Allocator: Libclamav now includes its own memory pool
      allocator based on memory mapping. This new solution replaces the
      traditional malloc/free system for the copy of the signatures that
      is kept in memory. As a result, clamd requires much less memory,
      particularly when signature updates are received and the database is
      loaded into memory.

    - Unified Option Parser: Prior to version 0.95 each program in ClamAV's
      suite of programs had its own set of runtime options. The new general
      parser brings consistency of use and validation to these options across
      the suite. Some command line switches of clamscan have been renamed
      (the old ones will still be accepted but will have no effect and will
      result in warnings), please see clamscan(1) and clamscan --help for
      the details.

The ClamAV team (http://www.clamav.net/team)

Luca Gibelli (luca _at_ clamav.net)       ClamAV, a GPL anti-virus toolkit
[Tel] +39 0187 1851862 [Fax] +39 0187 1852252 [IM] nervous/jabber.linux.it
PGP key id 5EFC5582 @ any key-server || http://www.clamav.net/gpg/luca.gpg

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