Clamd::ERROR:: Input/Output

Ken A ka at
Wed Feb 25 15:03:58 GMT 2009

Anthony Cartmell wrote:
>>> Are you running any extra signatures and having clamd crashes?
>> Isn't everyone? (yes, and yes).
> I have a new server that's live and processing my mail. Clamd hasn't yet 
> crashed in a week or so. I don't yet have the extra signatures being 
> loaded, will see what happens when I find time to add them.
> ClamAV 0.94.2/9045, installed and updated by yum as part of FC10.
> HTH,
> Anthony

If clamd dies, it gets restarted by a cron job < 1 min later, so it's 
not a big deal (MailScanner's logging is helful!). I'm just waiting for 
a version that fixes it. clamd is running on the mail hub without the 
extra sigs, and it doesn't crash, so nothing really nasty can slip by.

The I/O ERROR reported by clamd doesn't seem to have anything to do with 
the crashes though, as they are happening at different times. It could 
still be related to the same underlying bug, but until the 3rd party 
sigs crash bug gets resolved I won't know.

Yesterday, all 3 of the I/O errors were on .xlsx files, so I'm likely to 
assume it's Microsoft's fault. :-)


Ken Anderson
Pacific Internet -

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