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Tue Feb 24 16:52:50 GMT 2009

The "Other Unix" MailScanner distribution is intended for use any on 
sort of Unix system. Quite a few variants of Unix don't even use init.d 
scripts at all (e.g. Solaris 10) and on those that do they are all 
different. If you want an init.d script for your variant of Unix, then I 
suggest you copy one from another fairly simple service (perhaps ntpd or 
sshd or something like that) and modify it to suit your requirements.

I'm certainly not going to start trying to maintain startup scripts and 
metadata (including XML files in some cases) for every version of every 
variant of Unix in use around the world. Sorry, life's too short to get 
into that sort of thing!


On 24/02/2009 4:33 PM, rjette at wrote:
> Good morning,
> In the past I have installed MailScanner using the deb package. This time I used the tar ball to install it on a new system.
> The install went good but I am having trouble starting MailScanner. There is no /etc/init.d/mailscanner file like there is when I use the deb file. Does the tar ball contain this file or should I get it else where?
> I would take it from an old server but the directories are not the same. I'm now using /opt/...
> Thanks


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