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# Only un-comment this setting once you have proved that the sa-update
# cron job has run successfully and has created a directory structure
# the spamassassin directory within this one and has put some *.cf files
# there. Otherwise it will ignore all your current rules!
# The default location may be /var/opt on Solaris systems.
SpamAssassin Local State Dir = # /var/lib/spamassassin

The above works for me.



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Hi All,

I'm running MailScanner version 4.55.10 (on debian, etch)

When I run
MailScanner --debug --debug-sa

I see no reference to the sa-update files... however... When I run
spamassassin by hand in debug mode, I can see it is picking up the

I had a look over the history on this mailing list of similar problems
(is my version too old? is there a simple fix?)

I have this set in MailScanner.conf :
SpamAssassin Local State Dir =  /var/lib

Is there any way I can force the inclusion of the sa-update files in
spam.assassin.prefs ?


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