Hospital update

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Tue Feb 10 06:47:55 GMT 2009

On 9 Feb 2009, at 19:59, Julian Field wrote:

> Folks,
> To keep you updated with the latest...
> Last Thursday I had an endoscopy done by the boss of the Hepatology  
> Dept at our hospital, she wanted to make sure she saw the state for  
> herself rather than reading someone else's report, which was kind of  
> her.
> The endoscopy showed that there is probably sufficient blood-flow  
> and low enough pressure that I am unlikely to bleed severely in the  
> near future, and so the decision has been taken to take me off the  
> liver transplant list. In 6 months time, she will do another  
> endoscopy and review the situation again. But, to be honest, it is  
> unlikely I will be put back on the list again.
> This is good, in that I don't need a very major operation, but it  
> also means that a bunch of other things won't get fixed at the same  
> time. So it's good, but not *all* good.
> So I have unpacked my hospital bag. 17 months preparing myself for  
> it, and just 10 minutes to unpack my bag and put it all away again.  
> Ho hum.
> Many thanks for all your kind messages over the past months wishing  
> me luck with the transplant, they really did help me. Time to move  
> on, I guess.
> Cheers.
> Jules

Mixed blessings indeed. I am delighted that's one less thing to worry  
about but equally saddened that you now won't get the re-plumbing that  
you wanted either. Having said that I'm sure this is far less risky  
and the medical team wouldn't guarantee that the other things that you  
wanted fixed would have been, so it's a game of percentages.

Chin up, perhaps a world tour could be back on the cards to help ease  
your disappointment?


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