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To keep you updated with the latest...

Last Thursday I had an endoscopy done by the boss of the Hepatology Dept 
at our hospital, she wanted to make sure she saw the state for herself 
rather than reading someone else's report, which was kind of her.

The endoscopy showed that there is probably sufficient blood-flow and 
low enough pressure that I am unlikely to bleed severely in the near 
future, and so the decision has been taken to take me off the liver 
transplant list. In 6 months time, she will do another endoscopy and 
review the situation again. But, to be honest, it is unlikely I will be 
put back on the list again.


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Hi Jules,

This is a mixed bag then isn't it.  I'm glad you're off the transplant list even though other things will continue to cause you discomfort.  A friend of mine had a heart transplant and although he's alive, the amount of medication he needs for the rest of his life is just plain scarey.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone :)

Sounds like you're in good hands.  Continue on the road to recovery and know that mail admins all over the world are breathing a little easier today.  Especially this one from Australia!  Take care and thanks for the update.



PS - Sorry for the horrid formatting, alas not all webmail clients are created equal :(

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