ClamAV Mailscanner not using clamd

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If you disable the clamavmodule (in MailScanner) and just use clamd the
clamav perl module is not required. The clamd code is 100% internal and
speaks directly to the clamd daemon it's self, thus it's not affected by
changes in the as is the perl based ClamAVModule code. Of
course I think you should stay up to date with MS but I personally am at
version 4.67.6 myself because I haven't had the time to update the
patches I
have to apply to MailScanner with each update (for special functionality
require). All I am really saying I guess is the version you are running
work fine with a properly installed ClamAV package and MS configuration.


Ok, I see what you mean, that actually sounds fairly easy to deal with.
As far as permissions go, I guess I would just add the clamav user to
the postfix group then.
Does that sound about right ?
I don't think I want any of these processes running as root if you know
what I mean.


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