Filtering OutBound SPAM

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Whilst everything comes from the same IP (client's MTA), the Received
headers should have the infected box's IP address.
Give that/those a high score in spamassassin, and tell the client to
clean their infected PCs
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Hi, i've a rare scenario with one of my customers and i though that
someone from here could give me some fresh(?) ideas.

My client has it's own MTA (wich i don't manage, neither have access to
logs, etc) and it sends all outbound traffic to my server that has
(MScanner, SA, clamav, dcc, pyzor, razor, some custom rules, etc).

The problem i've right now is that (i assume) some malware stole valid
user/passwords to authenticate in the smtp server of my client, so tons
of spam are trying to get out to internet through my server.

Althogh all anti-spam stuff seems to work, i need some new
countermeasures to stop this at MailScanner stage (i cant do anything at
MTA level because everything comes from the same ip).

Any idea?

something like my own checksum repository, or url blacklist, or header
authentication matching, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


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