pattern blacklistning - where to do it "best"

Jan Agermose ja at
Sun Feb 1 10:09:01 GMT 2009




I want to implement blacklistning with patterns for the administrator.
At the moment im using the MailScanner customfunctions for black and
whitelistning and for spamscore settings. But it does not allow
patterns. I can change this of cause but then I found that SA can
connect to a mysql and read this info and as fare as I can tell the
blacklists here actually already make it possible to use patterns,


anyway implementing this pattern stuff is not a big thing i the
customfunction so maybe I should stay on this "solution". 


what im wondering is what are the pro and cons on having whitelistning,
blacklistning, spamscore in SA vs. MailScanner? When I look at the
flowchart of MailScanner it seams it would be better to have it there
since maybe it does not even need to start processing SA if its
blacklisted? So better performance vs. having to code it your self



In SA or MailScanner - are connections pooled and/or alive between scans
or are connections opened everytime a customfunction needs the
connection or if you in SA implement some function for eval() that uses


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