Message Body with Custom Functions

Jarod Watkins jwatkins at
Wed Dec 30 03:01:19 GMT 2009

Hello All,
After some googling and a little experimentation I cannot seem to figure out how to "see" the body of a message when it is passed to a custom function. I have done a dump of the variables passed to the custom function and I think I have found two that contain what I am after:

'entity2safefile' => {
    '' => 0,
    'MIME::Entity=HASH(0x3ee98f0)' => 'msg-5435-1.txt'
'file2safefile' => {
    '' => '',
    'msg-5435-1.txt' => 'msg-5435-1.txt'

With entity2safefile, is the body encoded as a MIME::Entity? Or am I going to have to find where the 'msg-5435-1.txt' is and pull the contents out that way?

Thanks for any help,
Jarod Watkins

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