OT: extraordinary amount of spam to one domain

Jeff Mills jeff.mills at sydneytech.com.au
Wed Dec 23 07:54:52 GMT 2009


> Yes, use recipient verification. It makes a massive 
> difference to the load levels on your MS box. We set it up 
> and it saves so much hassle. Why accept mail that you can't 
> deliver or that will just be bounced with a NDR creating more 
> spam in the system?
> Postfix uses the addresses in your transports file to check 
> servers for addresses and you can configure how often it 
> checks or keeps valid/non-valid addresses in its cache. 
> Currently use a btree file for verifications.
> After looking at the link Steve posted then for configuring 
> it further look at... http://www.postfix.org/verify.8.html
> Jason

Did not realise that we could cache the recipient verification.
Have enabled it now and will keep an eye on it for a while, but looks to
be doing the goods at the moment.
Thanks fellas.

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