OT: extraordinary amount of spam to one domain

Ralph Bornefeld-Ettmann ilikeuce at bornefeld-ettmann.de
Tue Dec 22 16:01:01 GMT 2009

Am 22.12.2009 11:13, schrieb Jeff Mills:
> I have one domain that is consuming over 90% of the traffic to our
> servers.
> Yesterday we blocked 650,000 emails at the MTA and 600,000 of them were
> for a single domain (we host around 50).
> The ones that are getting through the MTA seem to be picked up by
> MailScanner - the vast majority with a subject such as "User <random
> username> special 80% OFF"
> My mail logs are just a blur. If we had just one other domain doing the
> same thing, I'm sure we wouldn't handle the load.
> How can a single domain be such a target? Mind you, this is a domain
> with less than 10 users.
> Is it just unlucky? Is anyone else experiencing this?
<AOL> me too </AOL>

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