taint mode perl problem under freebsd (fixed)

mog lists at elasticmind.net
Fri Dec 18 10:47:29 GMT 2009

Forgot to add this before sending... Also want to say thanks to the 
people on the list who helped in testing and identifying the taint mode 
problem. It means MailScanner and Perl can finally work as they should 
on FreeBSD and I, for one, greatly appreciate it.

Might as well wish everyone a Merry Christmas (hell, it's snowing!) and 
a Happy New Year while I'm at it :-D

Kind regards,

mog wrote:
> Whoooo! Christmas has come early!
> Hehe, you're absolutely right, it has definitely been driving me crazy 
> so I think that makes me one of the folks you speak of :-\
> A big thank you to Julian for fixing this for us and to Mike for 
> updating the port!
> Kind regards,
> mog
> Mike Jakubik wrote:
>> FreeBSD admins rejoice, you can finally update perl without breaking
>> MailScanner. I have tested the latest version and it works great. I've
>> also submited a pr to update the port so it will be available soon.
>> Thank you Julian for finally fixing this! This was driving a lot of the
>> FreeBSD folks crazy as no one could figure out what the issue was.

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