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2009/12/16 Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us>:
> Glenn Steen wrote:
>> ... cluttery (if there is such a word:-).
> There is now!
> See, that's the beauty of English.  We steal all our words from foreigners and/or make 'em up as we go.
> ;-)
> ...Kevin
Thats the normal modus operandi for the Swedish langage too (most
languages, I imagine, except perhaps some very protectionistic ones
... like ... icelandic...:-). Swedish might seem like a much poorer
language due to it not even containing half as many words as
english.... But then we can make a verb of anything "on the fly" (no
"make this" or "do that"... just "dish-a" and "bed-a", sort of...
Among linguists the verb "Larsa" take the noun Lars (the name) and use
it to describe the act of greeting someone by their first/given name),
and we can happily combine any words to create new meaning ... thus
lessening the need for a multitude of similes and synonyms... I do
love english too, but (naturally) swedish is my first love:-).
And also... Since English is my second language (we'll not mention my
third.... "La belle langue" indeed...:), I think it only polite to ask
before strting to change it.
Oh well, that was severely off topic... So I'll refrain from more
philosophical ponderings about the nature of language, and the golden
rule... "If you made yourself understood, rules/grammar be

-- Glenn
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