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What do you use to monitor all of this???

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> On Dec 11, 2009, at 10:35 AM, Gottschalk, David wrote:
> > I'm wondering though how other colleges are handling their mail filtering
> using MailScanner. How many machines are being used, etc, etc?
> At UC Irvine, we have four Sendmail+MailScanner external email gateways.
>  We don't have a load balancer, just MX records.  The four servers are not
> identical so we occasionally have unbalanced load issues, but nothing of
> major concern.  We run ClamAV as a milter with most of the SaneSecurity
> signatures, Spamhaus ZEN RBL for blocking, internal block list, greylisting,
> connection throttling (too many, too soon, too many bad, etc.) and
> SpamAssassin (just tagging, no quarantine).
> According to the the latest stats, we blocked 6.7 million
> connections/messages last week through whatever means.  Accepted 2.3 million
> messages and marked 136k of those as spam.  These numbers are not peak
> numbers.  We had a dramatic drop off in spam in September 2008.  Before that
> time, we were rejecting around 4 million connections/messages per day with
> the same set of four servers, while the number of accepted messages stayed
> the same.  I really couldn't tell you how many mailboxes we protect as the
> gateways protect multiple servers at UC Irvine and I've never counted all of
> the potential accounts.
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