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> I'm wondering though how other colleges are handling their mail filtering
> using MailScanner. How many machines are being used, etc, etc?

We use MailScanner to filter *outbound* mail from our web cluster (about 50
servers).  Two high end machines with round robin DNS does the trick for
us.  It's not perfect but if all the machines have identical hardware the
law of averages will be fine for round robin DNS.  If you are mixing
hardware I think that one or more of them will eventually get loaded down
and cause issues unless you baby sit your mail servers regularly.  Load
balancing is good but not necessary in our setup.  Handing your volume
though it would help if it was actually balancing load instead of just
distributing based on response time of the SMTP daemon or something equally

> We currently get about 30-40 million email messages per week, of which
> about 1.5 million are delivered to our relays. We have approximately 40,000
> email accounts.

We are only processing about 110,000 outbound email messages a week from
these web servers across both MailScanner boxen.

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