Headsup: possibly clamd crash

Alex Broens ms-list at alexb.ch
Mon Dec 7 21:56:58 GMT 2009

On 12/7/2009 10:35 PM, Frank Cusack wrote:
> On December 6, 2009 12:11:11 PM +0100 Alex Broens <ms-list at alexb.ch> wrote:
>> Last night, due to a corrupt clamav signature update, a number of my
>> clamd instances crashed
>> you may want to check if all is ok
> corrupt because the signature file was corrupt or because somehow your
> download of it was corrupted?

On a hangoverish Sunday, I was more into seeing that signatures were 
being replaced as fast as possible and monitoring future updates real 
close than doing scientific analysis :-)

iow: I don't really know...

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