Read IP Address From Received Header

Frank Cusack fcusack at
Tue Dec 1 06:17:32 GMT 2009

Last question, I hope!

For "Read IP Address From Received Header":

# no or 0  ==> use the SMTP client address, ie. the address of the system
#              talking to the MailScanner server. This is the normal 
# yes or 1 ==> use the first IP address contained in the first "Received:"
#              header at the top of the email message's headers.

Since MailScanner is not itself an SMTP server, doesn't the SMTP server
on the host MailScanner is running on always add a Received: header before
MailScanner sees the mail?  How would MailScanner ever see the address of
the SMTP client if it is always [at least] once-removed?

I'm using MailScanner with postfix, using the "hold" queue to pick up
new mails.  Maybe there's another configuration (content_filter?) or
for other MTAs there is a way for MS to get the mail before any MTA

Since my configuration is


it seems like I should set this value to 2?  The MX host and the MS host
both add a Received: header.

thanks again,

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