messages are not scanned

Maurizio Salvadeo maurizio.salvadeo at
Mon Aug 31 08:13:14 IST 2009

the MTA is sendmail. in the received email there are no mailscanner
headers. the conf file is different from the one on the system tha runs
correctly because this one is a newer version.

Jules Field ha scritto:
> On 30/08/2009 15:13, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 02:37:31AM +0200, Maurizio Salvadeo wrote:
>>> hi, thanks fro your help.
>>> this is a new install on fedora 10. clamav was installed from the tar.gz
>>> in /usr/local/ and mailscanner was installed excuting ./ i
>>> also have installed Mail;;ClamAV perl module.
>>> it never worked at all.
>>> two months later i installed another server with an older version of
>>> mailscanner and it runs properly.
>> According to MailScanner --lint, it is running clamav via the perl module
>> and properly detecting the eicar test. Note however that these days,
>> clamd
>> is preferred to the clamav module.
>> The only problem detected is the absence of the unrar executable.
>> What is difference between this install's MailScanner.conf and that of
>> the working install? Are the MTAs the same. If the MTA is, e.g., Postfix,
>> have you made the necessary MTA config changes?
>> Are there MailScanner entries in the system mail log? Do they offer
>> clues?
> And do message which have been through your MailScanner show any signs
> of any X-MailScanner headers in them?
> Jules

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