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2009/8/26 Zaeem Arshad <zaeem.arshad at>:
> On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 12:10 AM, Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote:
>> 2009/8/25 Zaeem Arshad <zaeem.arshad at>:
>> > Hi,
>> > I have a requirement where I have multiple postfix instances running on
>> > the
>> > same box. Instance 1 has its directory structure in /queue1 while
>> > instance
>> > 2's postfix dir structure is in /queue2. Both directories are on
>> > separate
>> > partitions. I have tried setting up a file containing a list of the hold
>> > directories but MailScanner complains that the directories need to be on
>> > the
>> > same filesystem as the outgoing work dir. Why is that so? Also, is it
>> Queue file ID is generated (for resubmitted/reconstructed mail) as a
>> dunction of the inode numer and the current millisecond. So you cannot
>> create the file on one filesystem and then copy it over to the
>> outgoing directory (which happen to be "incoming", usually;-), since
>> that would break that relationship (inode numbers are only unique in
>> the respective filesystems. Doing a copy would mean having possible
>> duplicates in the series)... So that mandates that the "moving into
>> place" need be through linking, or on other words an mv, not a copy
>> operation.
>> > possible to have multiple outgoing queue directories so that mailscanner
>> > can
>> > scan files in /queue1/hold and place them in /queue1/postfix/incoming
>> > and
>> > same for the second instance?
>> All that is mandated is that the work directory and the respective
>> outgoing directories be on the same filesystem... Not the hold,
>> IIRC;-)... Or you could try run multiple MSes.
>> But really... What kind of requirement would mandate you set it up
>> like that? Are you sure there is no other, more or less sane, wayto do
>> it.
> The mail gateway is running multiple instances of postfix. It is treating
> both corporate email and our customers traffic. I'd like to have both kind
> of emails scanned by MS but delivered outside using specific outbound IP
> addresses. In the current scenario, the IP of the postfix instance whose
> incoming queue is used by MS is used.
> I couldn't find any good resource on running multiple MS. Got any pointers?
Ok. You do know that there is absolutely nothing stipulating that you
must send mail for a specific domain from a specific IP adress? Sure,
SPF and such may impose that on you, but ... you usually solve that
some other way (like allow that actual IP adress:-).
Oh well...:-)

options to run multiple MS would include a) a different physical
machine, b) a different virtual machine, c) (as Mike describe so well)
chroot jails.
Or I suppose you could play with just one instance and do some
transportmap and inet_interface thing to achieve what you want...
Would entail a second smtp (on some high port) with options set for
inet_inetrface, so that it'd pretend to be from the secondary IF...
Haven't really thought this through, but it should be fairly simple to

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