"include path-to-conf-files" in 4.78.9

Mike Wallace mike at mlrw.com
Tue Aug 25 18:36:49 IST 2009


I hope you are enjoying or enjoyed (based on when you read this) your  
well deserved vacation in the States.

I have been playing with "include path-to-conf-files" in 4.78.9 and  
found a couple of limitations that I want to verify.

It seems that the following parameters are ignored when in the include  

%org-name% =
%org-long-name% =
%web-site% =
Run As User =
Run As Group =

Is this by design or a "feature"? Are their other parameters that  
can't be in the include file?

The reason I ask is that I am trying to put all of my site specific  
configuration changes in the include file so that the only thing I  
have to do to MailScanner.conf is add "include /etc/MailScanner/config/ 

It would be awesome if you had "include /etc/MailScanner/config/ 
*.conf" in MailScanner.conf.  Then if the directory or and/or any  
files in that directory did not exist, they would be ignored. That way  
those who don't want to use it can edit the configuration file like  
they always have.


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