image spam again :)

Jan Agermose ja at
Mon Aug 24 22:48:38 IST 2009



we are seeing a lot of image spam again. we are running sa update and
the image tings they publish / and others. But lately a lot
is getting through. 


Some tekst like the below and a attached image of a distorted viagra
commercial "exciting.jpg". 


whats new in the world of stopping image spam :) 



Tion. We could not hear a word that was spoken; when, in some few

succeeding seconds, the diapason stop only was opened ... and how sweet

and touching was the melody which it imparted! "Oh Dieu! (exclaimed our

valet) que cela est ravissant, et meme penetrant." This was true enough.

A solemn stave or two of a hymn (during which a few other pipes were

opened) was then performed by the organist ... and the effect was, as if

these notes had been chanted by an invisible choir of angels. The

darkness of the heavens added much to the solemnity of the whole.

Silence ensuing, we were asked how we liked the church, the organ, and

the organist? Of course there could be but one answer to make. The

pulpit--situated at an angle where the choir and transept meet, and

opposite to the place w




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