SPF not "working correct"

Jan Agermose ja at conviator.com
Sun Aug 23 08:36:59 IST 2009


I had a small mishap in configuring the SPF plugin so no SPF records
ever turned up in the SA scores. Now it does. Well mostly SPF_HELO_XXX -
im more interested in SPF_PASS and SPF_FAIL and the others - not HELO
related. Just they do not show up. When I send a email from our domian
to a domain on the MailScanner setup there should be a SPF_PASS but
nothing shows up. 

I searched the database to see if there is EVER a SPF_SPASS and there is
:) 67 of them. All from spam - all from domains that actually have a SPF
record - one that the plugin might need a small rewrite to overwrite the
result and make it a SPF_FAILD? 


computercodewake.com.   3600    IN      TXT     "v=spf1 ip4:

computercodewake.com.   3600    IN      TXT     "spf2.0/pra
ip4: ?all"

a) Since this is a completly open SPF record maybe it should really be
turned in to a SPF_FAILD (user config maybe)

b) anyway - my real problem is - why is this module not picking up on
SPF records? What might I be missing - what can I check? Its newest
MailScanner (at least as new as the FSL gold repo gives me :) - im
gussing its new :) )






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