Problem with latest version on RH 5.2

Erik Bloodaxe E.Bloodaxe at
Fri Aug 21 20:25:19 IST 2009

Erik Bloodaxe wrote:
> I am finding that some messages which have negative SPAM scores are 
> taged with {Spam?}.  This appears not to be a spamassasin problem but 
> some interaction between spamassasin and MailScanner.  the versions 
> are SpamAssassin version 3.2.4  running on Perl version 5.8.8.  Can 
> anyone assist?  I am unsure of how to track down where the problem 
> lies.  The install is a standard of RedHat 5.2 and a standard install 
> of MailScanner (tar file version)?
> I have some example messages but do not want to share these with the 
> list.
> Regards
To add a bit more I have copies of some messages which were tagged when 
sent, but, when I send them through again do not get tagged!

This is an intermittent problem and realy annoying



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