Message being scanned that shouldn't be.

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Aug 13 18:23:30 IST 2009

Julian Field wrote:

>I have fixed this problem for you, and also an important bug in the code 
>that cleans some types of infections out of archives in messages.
>Please upgrade to 4.78.9 and these problems should both be fixed.

Thanks Jules. The issue of virus scanning messages in spite of Scan
Messages rules to the contrary seems to be fixed for me with 4.78.9.

>On 12/08/2009 23:28, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>> I think I would have noticed if this had been going on for long. On Aug
>>> 5 I upgraded from 4.78.3 to 4.78.7, and before that from 4.78.2 to
>>> 4.78.3 on July 31. It happens under both 4.78.7 and 4.78.8 with this
>>> one message. At least some other locally originating messages
>>> including a test sent in the same way are properly not scanned.
>> Actually, I don't know that they aren't virus scanned. I only know that
>> they don't get added MailScanner headers.
>>> Is it possible that the rearrangement of the virus/spam scanning code
>>> in 4.78.3 et. seq. is allowing messages to be virus scanned even if
>>> Scan Messages is 'no'?
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