Message being scanned that shouldn't be.

Mark Sapiro mark at
Wed Aug 12 23:28:39 IST 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>I think I would have noticed if this had been going on for long. On Aug
>5 I upgraded from 4.78.3 to 4.78.7, and before that from 4.78.2 to
>4.78.3 on July 31. It happens under both 4.78.7 and 4.78.8 with this
>one message. At least some other locally originating messages
>including a test sent in the same way are properly not scanned.

Actually, I don't know that they aren't virus scanned. I only know that
they don't get added MailScanner headers.

>Is it possible that the rearrangement of the virus/spam scanning code
>in 4.78.3 et. seq. is allowing messages to be virus scanned even if
>Scan Messages is 'no'?

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