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2009/8/11 shuttlebox <shuttlebox at>:
> On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 10:13 AM, Julian
> Field<MailScanner at> wrote:
>> Adding "include" files means that I need to allow settings to be
>> over-written by later instances of the same setting, and I need to keep
>> track of a whole stack of nested "include" files. Currently it will complain
>> if it sees the same setting twice, but I would have to disable that, which
>> I'm not keen on doing. And in the nested "include" file handling, I've got
>> to do loop detection and other nasties so you can't trivially break it.
> You could use MailScanner.conf as the master and the only one allowed
> to include other files. Then just let settings override each other.
> That's simple and good enough in my opinion, I doubt anyone _really_
> needs nesting.
I rather doubt anyone *really* needs includes either. The upgrade
process is very fast and simple IMO, and this isn't one of the
trickier parts.
I further wouldn't want the upgrade script to run automatically, but
that might be just me:-)

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