AW: mailscanner-mrtg: ERROR: mail, spam and virus counters not fully initialised.

Jens Potthast Jens.Potthast at
Mon Aug 10 08:16:58 IST 2009

That also solved my problem. :-)

Thanks a million.


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>I saw your post so I checked out the CVS. Decided to upgrade my install
>I found that my spam and virus ratios stopped working so I investigated.
>Open the (default /usr/lib/MailScanner-MRTG/MSMRTG/
>Need to add "spamdelete" to line 108 so it looks like this:
>       foreach (qw(mailbytes mail spam virus spamdelete))
>That fixed it for me.
>The problem I think happens if you don't "delete" spam.
>I store all the spam for MailWatch so my spam deleted graph is always going
>to 0.
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>Somehow I can't get this to work. What I did:
>- installed mailscanner-mrtg 0.11.00 (runs ok, only a minor bug with
>'uptime' dir not
>- installed mailscanner-mrtg from cvs over existing 0.11.00 installation
>Now I get this "ERROR: mail, spam and virus counters not fully initialised."
>Guess it has something to do with spamdeleted (being 'u').
>And here is all the stuff, I forgot to mention (shame on me! :-)):
>MailScanner 4.77 is running on CentOS 5.3 with postfix 2.3.3.
>Can anyone help, please?
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