use MailScanner as gateway

Joost Waversveld joost at
Wed Aug 5 08:17:50 IST 2009

You could also use smf-sav, that will do the same job for free.

If you're gonna use smf-sav, don't forget to disable the "Sender Address 
Verification" part of it.


Jules Field wrote:
> Look for "milter-ahead" in Google. That will do the job very nicely 
> for you, by calling ahead to the Exchange server to verify recipient 
> addresses before it accepts the message into sendmail on the 
> MailScanner server.
> On 04/08/2009 20:55, Chris Yuzik wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I need to configure our mail server to allow 
>> MailScanner/Sendmail/Procmail to act as a gateway in front of an 
>> exchange server. I found the instructions in the MailScanner WIKI, 
>> but would like to configure our system to reject messages intended 
>> for non-existent messages on the exchange server. The gateway server 
>> will be at a data center, while the exchange server will be 
>> physically in the client's office behind a firewall. Anyone know how 
>> to do this?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
> Jules

Joost Waversveld

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