Question about Spear.Phishing.Rules script

Mark Sapiro mark at
Sun Aug 2 16:46:33 IST 2009

Jules Field wrote:

>Wipe the cache (under /var/cache somewhere, it's in the script), and run 
>it again.

I did that and it retrieved all the files through and rebuilt the cache,
but I still get

Failed to retrieve at ...

Note that this file really doesn't exist. As I said, if I try to get it
in a browser, I get a 404 - not found.

>On 02/08/2009 15:27, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> I am running the Spear.Phishing.Rules.v2.04 script.
>> Recently I noticed a message:
>> Failed to retrieve at ...
>> in the script output. If I try to visit that URL with a browser, I get
>> a "not found". I noticed this once before; I think the URL may have
>> been<>  (from my browser
>> history), but I can't verify this as all the week 28 files seem to be
>> gone now.
>> My questions are:
>> Is it normal for a file to be missing or does this indicate a problem?
>> If the other time really was emails.2009-28.227, is the 227 significant
>> or a coincidence?

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