Is Definitely Not Spam and Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed Options oddity

Jules Field MailScanner at
Sun Aug 2 12:48:47 IST 2009

On 01/08/2009 03:42, Rose, Bobby wrote:
> I have a ruleset for Is Definitely Not Spam and everything works fine 
> except if that that address sends a message with more recipients than 
> what is set for Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed. In that 
> case, the message seems to get blacklisted. If the entry is removed 
> from the whitelist ruleset, then the issue doesn’t occur (but I’ll 
> still see the log entry saying that ignored whitelist.
So you're saying that the "Is Definitely Not Spam" is ignored if the 
message has more recipients than set in "Ignore Spam Whitelist If 
Recipients Exceed"? In that case, that is exactly what it is meant to 
do. "Is Definitely Not Spam" is the "Spam Whitelist" the other option is 
talking about.

> Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me and I have to keep 
> digging for the reason?
> Thanks
> -=Bobby
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