lstat() failed on: /mnt/ramdisk/...

Dave Jones davejones70 at
Sat Aug 1 03:57:29 IST 2009

>From June 24th:

>> lstat() failed on: /mnt/ramdisk/31166/n5NC95S6028227/tnef.31166
>Which version of MailScanner are you running? If you're using a version
>< 4.76.24, and you only have tnef.* in your lstat errors, this is a
>known bug. Upgrading to the latest MailScanner release will fix it (or
>at least >= 4.76.24), as the tnef processing has been updated to correct
>the permission errors.
>(see for
>reference, and "16 Fixed permissions and ownership problems with data
>extracted from TNEF winmail.dat attachments." under fixes of 4.76.24-3
> Cheers,

I upgraded MailScanner to version 4.77.10-1 a few weeks ago and still
have thousands of these errors in the maillog.

I also changed my ramdisk to tmpfs (and rebooted to remove the ramdisk
from memory).

Is there something else that I could have wrong?

Dave Jones

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