install: a debug-like "I would but I won't" option?

David Lee t.d.lee at
Thu Apr 30 10:18:37 IST 2009

I've got a vague recollection that this might have been raised before, but 
I'm raising it again, especially in the light of the recent (and good!) 
developments that rationalise the Redhat/Centos perl module installation 

Julian: Would it be possible (pretty please) to have an option on 
"" which shows what would happen, without actually doing it?

In particular, for folk rationalising various inherited and new 
installations of various OSes, it could show which modules were going to 
be removed, updated, re-installed etc, and why.  I suspect that many of us 
have perl installations that are in various states, both from various 
historical installastions of MS and from other non-MS causes.

Such an option would show what the install was about to do, and why, but 
without actually harming the current system.  We could then investigate 
deeper in a controlled, per-module, way to try to achieve convergence.


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