Blocking Mail from Invalid Email Addresses

Johnny Stork lists at
Wed Apr 29 02:03:32 IST 2009

I am running MS 4.72.5 on CentOS 5x. I also run milter-greylist and 
smf-sav for sender verification but I am not sure its working properly 
since the email address below (tatrixes_1996 at does NOT exist 
and in fact there are only 2 valid email addresses on my mail server.

So, while I try to figure out whats wrong with smf-sav, is there 
anywhere else in MS where I can set something to ONLY accept mail from 
specific address? For some reason I am seeing a flood of around 2000 
messages a day to invalid addresses. Fortunately they do get tagged as 
spam and not delivered, but do fill up the sendmail outbound que. I 
would rather reject them rather than process.

Apr 28 17:57:52 gateway smf-sav[26340]: recipient check succeeded: 
<tatrixes_1996 at>,,, 
<autoresponder at>, [00:00:00]

Johnny Stork
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