John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Tue Apr 28 16:41:36 IST 2009

Le 28/04/2009 12:56, Julian Field a écrit :
> I have just released a new beta, this will be one of the last before the
> next stable release.
> Please test it, as I have optimised the processing-messages database
> code, and fixed one or two little bugs. The Change Log will tell you all
> the details.
> Download as usual from www.mailscanner.info.
> Thanks!
> Jules

I haven't had time to test the new beta myself, but I do have one little 
request for a correction to a long-standing minor niggle that I forgot 
to report earlier:

Your update_bad_phishing_sites script stores its working data as a 
subdirectory of the quarantine directory, which results in a spurious 
"hi/ng/phis" date being reported in MailWatch's list of quarantine 
directories, and also requires you to implement a workaround to stop 
this subdirectory being deleted by the quarantine cleaning script.
Simply shifting to the SpamAssassin User State Directory instead would 
avoid both these problems.


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