Preventing multple signatures in email conversation?

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Mon Apr 27 20:08:43 IST 2009

> Our current signature will be added to this so you can see what we're
> doing currently.

Looks and works fine for me in Opera. The signature is in grey, rather  
than black, and it isn't included in my reply :)

Perhaps MS will eventually see the benefit of dealing with dash-dash-space  
lines as signature separators properly. I suspect that they think that  
including everything in every reply is the safest way to proceed to avoid  
lost data and potential litigation.

As far as MailScanner is concerned, I think it's correct that it should  
try not to add the same signature twice, but I don't think MailScanner  
should be changing messages to cover up for mail client problems. Someone  
might have actually intended to include the signature text in their reply,  
for example.


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