Preventing multiple signatures in email conversation?

Chris Barber chris at
Mon Apr 27 19:09:17 IST 2009

>I think this has already been mentioned in this thread. But...
>With an HTML signature, it's easy as you can insert some hidden text in

>the sig that doesn't appear in the viewed result, and use that as an 
>identifier to say "Here is the sig, don't add another one".
>But in a plain text message, it's a lot harder as there is no way of 
>putting in hidden text, and once the message has been badly quoted by 
>some mail client when the reply was done, you can't reliably 
>automatically find the original signature in it.
>When you're passing through multiple MailScanner servers in the same 
>organisation, you can do it with a header. But you can't trust the 
>contents of any header once you've been outside your organisation, as 
>many environments throw away most headers, particularly when the
>has been replied to.
>In the cases of multiple MailScanner servers, and HTML signatures, I
>and already have solved the problem. There just isn't a neat way of 
>doing it for plain text signatures, sorry.
>If you have any stunning ideas, then let me know :-)


>From your first paragraph there, are you referring to the "Allow
Multiple HTML Signatures" setting? I tried that setting using an image
tag without a src and it doesn't work for me because some email client
change the <img> tag that is missing the src to an error message and
thus MailScanner won't see it when it comes back in. 

>From your reply above it sound like there is another way to get this

Thanks for all you do,

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