Preventing multiple signatures in email conversation?

Chris Barber chris at
Mon Apr 27 17:42:40 IST 2009

Paul Hutchings wrote:
> As subject really, we're using MailScanner (4.74.16) and I've not
> kept as close an eye on developments/improvements as it basically
> "just works".  
> The only niggle we do have is that we use it to add a signature to
> outbound mail and over the course of an email correspondence you end
> up with an email with 15 signatures added to the end.  
> Any way yet of stopping this happening?
> Cheers,
> Paul
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> MIRA Ltd
>>Yes - change the above "dash dash" to "dash dash space".
>>Most email clients will stip away anything following that, recognizing
it as a signature seperator.
>>IIRC, I've seen instances where the trailing space is included in the
signature, but stripped out somewhere along the way, so maybe you're
>>already putting in the space.  But in the event you aren't, add one
and see if that doesn't take care of the problem...

Is there a way to get MailScanner to not put multiple signatures? Like
detect that there is already one on the message and not append
subsequent signatures? I would rather not rely on the email clients to
do this...


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