OT: Bounced Email

Johnny Stork lists at openenterprise.ca
Sun Apr 26 19:48:32 IST 2009

Oops, didnt give it a quick re-read before sending.

Almost all my email from mailing lists comes in as bounces, such as this 
one which came in from mailscanner-bounces at lists.mailscanner.info. And 
every once in a while I get one of those mailing list probe emails 
saying that my messages are bouncing. I still get them, and mail 
elsewhere comes/go just fine. But every mailman list I subscribe to 
seems to bounce messages to me? I just got one of those probes from the 
spamassassin list....most of the content removed below. I dont want to 
send the whole probe message with all the headers since all mty hosts 
are listed. But I can certainly send to someone off list if they might 
wish to take a look and make some suggestions.

Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the
users at spamassassin.apache.org mailing list.

Messages to you from the users mailing list seem to
have been bouncing. I sent you a warning message, but it bounced.
I've attached a copy of the bounce message.

Julian Field wrote:
> What is the actual problem? Either I'm being thick, or you don't tell 
> us what the actual problem is. You say "I have been having trouble" 
> but you don't tell us *what* trouble.
> On 26/04/2009 18:46, Johnny Stork wrote:
>> I know this is not striclty a MS question, but it is an issue with 
>> mail on my MS server, and with so many knowledgable mail admins on 
>> this list I thought I might have success here.
>> For a couple years now (yes I should have tried to fix this long time 
>> ago), I have been having trouble with pretty much all of the lists I 
>> subscribe to, including vanlug. I seem to get the messages from 
>> vanlug-bounces+lists=myaddress.com at robomod.net, or 
>> clug-talk-bounces at clug.ca and of course 
>> mailscanner-bounces at lists.mailscanner.info etc. Certainly this has 
>> something to do with my own mail servers but I route through a couple 
>> machines so am not sure where to start looking for the problem. Mail 
>> does of course get through fine,  just seems to be when I send mail 
>> to, or receive mail from, mailman listservs?
>> I dont want to include one of the entire probe emails since there is 
>> a great deal of server/host info but if someone is willing to give me 
>> a hand, and take a look, please email me off-list and I can send you 
>> one of the probes showing all the header details.
>> Thanks to anyone that can help with this.
> Jules

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