Preventing multple signatures in email conversation?

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Sat Apr 25 16:56:59 IST 2009

On 25 Apr 2009, at 14:31, Kai Schaetzl wrote:

> Paul Hutchings wrote on Sat, 25 Apr 2009 12:07:30 +0100:
>> Any way yet of stopping this happening?
> That's easy, yes: stop quoting and quoting and quoting and quoting.
> Mail programs have a built-in threading mechanism, even Microsoft
> programs. If you rely on it there is no need to endlessly quote  
> completely
> unnecessary text. A good mail program will also skip the signature  
> when
> quoting, so it won't ever get added to your reply even if you do a  
> "full
> quote".


I do wish I could live in your idilic world. Sadly users (Both  
clients, suppliers and your own staff) just don't do that. The only  
client I know of that provides a 'Reply with out quoting' option is  
Lotus Notes but then you get a reply without your question so you are  
no better off (And often worse off). Sadly the world I live in is full  
of Microsoft Outlook users who hit reply and start typing, no snipping  
and all top posting. I am sure you would hate them all :-)

> This has really nothing to do with MailScanner.

Well, in my world, MailScanner adds them and no one takes them away so  
I suppose the point of 'blame' should be MailScanner.

You are right in so much as MS is doing what it's told, so it's not  
it's fault but it would be cool if old signatures could be removed.  
Here in the UK companies are legally bound to use such things so  
simply not having them is not possible. I wonder if it would be  
possible to use the _SIGNATURE_ special word to perhaps add some form  
of unique additional identifier to a signature so when it sees it next  
time, it is removed. A little like the watermark but actually in the  
signature in some way.


PS All bar the last paragraph of this was written tongue in cheek and  
with out any form of upset or offence intended!

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