Very slow system

Joe Garvey garvey at
Fri Apr 24 22:04:17 IST 2009

I have been running mailscanner for about 5 years on various installs
and systems and I am really scratching my head on this one.
The MailScanner install is running on a dial Xeon 2.3G machine with 4Gig
of ram but seems to be slow as a dog.
Mail keeps coming into and it sits there for the longest time.
Mailscanner will periodically take a chunk and process it but I get up
to 3000 emails sitting in the queue and eventually I have to purge it
out (as a last resort).
I have a local caching DNS server which is working and I have upgraded
to the latest MailScanner (4.75.11) and SA 3.2.5
Even connecting to MailWatch is very slow even if I purge the database. 
As soon as I stop MailScanner everything seems much more responsive.
Any suggestions as to where else to look?
garvey at
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