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See 4.76.17. You put in the magic token _SIGNATURE_ and it will replace 
it with the inline HTML or text signature, as appropriate.

All done,

On 23/04/2009 11:46, Jason Ede wrote:
> I suspect this will not be an easy if at all viable idea, but here goes...
> We currently use the sign clean messages option on our outbound emails 
> to attach our corporate signature and image and this is appended to 
> the bottom of all outbound emails.
> This works for the first message we send out, but if we reply to an 
> inbound message then our personal signature (i.e. name and position) 
> from within outlook is put at the bottom of our part of the email, and 
> then the inline sig is added at the end of the email after the 
> original email. Is it possible to insert the inline sig into the email 
> at a preset point by putting some form of tag into our signatures i.e. 
> after my name on a blank line I put <<signature>> and the inline sig 
> is inserted at that point within the email and if its not present then 
> just append at end as normal?
> I know this will not work at all for signed messages, so if it can be 
> done must be an option and I’m guessing it could add extra processing 
> load to MailScanner?
> Jason


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