Please help - Not catching these spam - LOTS of them

Alex Broens ms-list at
Thu Apr 23 06:27:14 IST 2009

On 4/23/2009 12:43 AM, Andrews Carl 448 wrote:
> All of them have an attachment named DSL####.png where the #### is a 
> four digit number. I have tried to write a spamassassin rule but I do 
> not know what I am doing because when I run the attached file through 
> 'spamassassin -t'  I get a report of 1.0 requires 5.0 and it states the 
> message is spam. which is confusting since I am getting an overall score 
> of 1.0 and need a 5.0 to be spam.

Don't post spam samples to the list
Use pastebin or a web server.

I'm not going to open your attachment but I assume its one of the guys 
you can catch with

mimeheader BLAH	Content-Type =~ /name\=\"DSL[0-9]{4}\.png\"/

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