best way to combat porn email

Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Apr 20 22:07:17 IST 2009

on 4-20-2009 1:03 PM Raymond Norton spake the following:
>> You really get better results by posting the original queue file which
>> you
>> easily can have by quarantining everything, at least for a short time.
>> You are posting from the received message at the MUA, which will be
>> somewhat
>> molested already.
> OK. I can do that for a while
I meant you get better results by pastebin-ing raw queue files. We can save
them local and spamassassin < queuefile them and show what rules we hit it
with. There are some of the sare rules that still hit, but they don't post any
new stuff anymore except on the spamassassin list. I guess they got tired of
either all the work, or being a target of every ddos that came along.

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